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A Complete Turn-key Solution for Tensile Fabric Structures

BDiR Inc. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China. As the leading manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler provider of Tensile Structures. We are engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all our customers needs.  We offer design, installation, fabrication and maintenance services for all types of Tensile Structures. Our product range includes: Tensile Structure, Shade Structure, Fabric Structure, Luxury Glamping Tent, Geodesic Dome Tent, etc.

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    Excellent durability, Expansive covered area, All weather protection, Natural diffused daylighting.



    Free aesthetical design, Light weight, Easy to install, Low maintenance needs, Eco friendly & Green energy.



    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We are committed to helping customer build perfect project.



    High quality PVC,PVDF,PTFE,ETFE membrane materials. Structures are hot dipped galvanized for a long life.



    Our experts have affluent industry acquaintance and knowledge in fabric tensile structure area.


  • Design Services

    Design Services

    BDiR provide high-end customized design services around the world. We have the experienced team help our clients to build their satisfied project.

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  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    BDiR engineering services include engineering of the tension fabric structure, everything required to certify our tensile structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and seismic activities.

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  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    We provide cutting, welding, painting and inspection of steel structures. During the fabrication phase, without prestress fabric membrane is cutted and welded to create final panel sizes to be installed in the field.

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  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    The construction phase of the tension system is a key factor in the overall success of the project. BDiR provide reliable on site installation service.

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    To keep your tensile fabric roof structures in shape and for a longer life, tensile roof cleaning and maintenance of building fabric are critical.

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Tension Structure, Glamping Tent, Dome Tent Projects

" The successful construction of the BDiR Inc. hotel room adds a touch of holiday to the camp. Let the guest door enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment and experience the unique luxury accommodation. Thank you BDiR Inc. for your hard work on this project! "

  • Tensile Membrane Structure in Barbados

    Barbados is located in the easternmost point of the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean Sea and is a coral limestone island. It is surrounded by the ocean, facing Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada across the water. Barbados is a member of the Lesser Antilles and a tourist destination in the Caribbean.
    For people living in coastal cities, it is very pleasant to go to the beach on holidays, which blows the sea breeze, swimming in the sea, strolling on the beach. If you see a white or colorful irregular fabric shape structure on the seaside, yes, that's tensile structures, light and smart shape, it definitely the most beautiful embellishment of romantic.

    Tensile Structure Features:
    √. Personalized Customization-We have different types of tensile structures available in various sizes, shapes, and colors depending on areas as per client's requirement.
    √. Versatile-Tensile structure is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Can be used in a variety of occasions around the world, including sports, transportation, business, landscape, industry, agriculture, hotels and more.
    √. Aesthetical and unique designs-Take any shape and almost any size.
    √. Coverage-Light weight, Cover a large area with minimal disruptions, expanding outdoor living areas.
    √. Outstanding Translucency-Provides natural lighting and reduce heat transmission.
    √. High strength and intensity-Durable and long lasting nature, withstand the worst winds, the harshest sun and the wettest weather for very long life.
    √. Easy to clean-Aggressive dirt can be cleaned with normal detergent soap and water.
    √. Cost Effective-Perfect weldability. Ease of fabrication. Easy to install. Ease of maintenance.
    √. Eco friendly-Recyclable and Easy to move relocation or renovation.
    √. Rich colors available-Vibrant colors of membrane can create a landmark structure.

  • Tension Membrane Structure Awnings in Bahrain

    The Kingdom of Bahrain, referred to as Bahrain. Bahrain, a country in Western Asia, is located in western Asia. It is an island country in the southwestern part of the Persian Gulf, adjacent to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It has a tropical desert climate and oil is the backbone of the national economy. Arabs make up about 60%, and 75-80% of the residents live in cities.
    Most people should know that the tension membrane structure has a good thermal insulation effect, which reflects 70% of the solar thermal energy, the film itself absorbs 17%, and the heat transfer is 13%, but the light transmittance is more than 20%. After 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still be retained at 70%. This has something to do with its own material. The membrane structure itself has light transmission, energy saving, environmental protection, and ultraviolet light; the light transmission of the membrane material is 20% -95%, and natural diffused daylight can be obtained during the day, saving a lot of lighting energy. Reflected light and heat can save part of the energy used in air conditioning. So when choosing a membrane structure awning, what details should we pay attention to in this design?

    1. When the building has high standards, the following conditions should be met when the sun should be taken.
    2. Membrane structure awnings are suitable for sun shading outside doors and windows of low-rise and multi-storey buildings. Not suitable for shading outside high-rise buildings.
    3. The material, thickness, size, and form of the shading material, the form and size of the fixed device, and the power of the electric motor are electrically related. Professional manufacturers request relevant technical information and select it after comprehensive consideration.

    4. the connection method of each shading system and the main body of the building. Lightning protection measures and other safety-related issues need to be studied and determined by the engineering designer and professional manufacturers according to the specific project situation.

    5. when choosing a sunshade system with a roller shutter box, the impact of different positions of the roller shutter box on the energy saving of the wall should be considered.
    6. For systems equipped with automatic control. General requirements must be equipped with wind control, rain control induction device, light control can be selected according to specific circumstances.      The manual drive method is generally not suitable for external shading in often unmanned places.
    7. the fabric is recommended to use dark (or the dark side of the fabric facing the outside) to achieve better sunshade effect.
    8.Performance requirements of fabrics
  • Top 10 Ecotourism African Countries

    Africa has unparalleled natural beauty, rich tribal culture, and a wide variety of wildlife. Travel to Africa is becoming increasingly popular. If you have this intention, here are 10 countries you should not miss when traveling to Africa.

    1. South Africa

    South Africa is the southernmost country on the African continent, with beautiful coastlines, large mammals and beautiful urban landscapes. Cape Town is a city you must not miss, and the Cape of Good Hope is also worth a visit. If you are planning to see wildlife in South Africa, Kruger National Park has the best experience.

    2. Namibia

    Namibia is very exciting. It has the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world. Seals, not to mention the wonders of the Red Desert.

    3. Egypt

    Egypt is a country of four ancient civilizations with numerous monuments, and Luxor is known as an open-air museum. You can also go diving in the Red Sea, soak up the sun in Sharm El Sheikh, or experience the lives of locals in the Siwa Oasis.

    4. Morocco

    With the release of Moroccan visas a few years ago, more and more Chinese are visiting Morocco. This is also a country with a long history. Fez, Marrakesh, Rabat, Casablanca and other cities are worth visiting.

    5. Tunisia

    The main tourist attractions in Tunisia are the ancient ruins of Carthage, Djerba and Tunisia, and the beaches here are also very good.

    6. Mauritius

    As a honeymoon destination, Mauritius is popular with tourists from all over the world, and it is suitable for bringing your favorite vacationers together. Also, if you have enough time, Seychelles can also play together (both have direct flights).

    7. Madagascar

    Madagascar is the largest island in Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. This is an underrated tourist destination. There are 3 things you should not miss when traveling to Madagascar: watch the chameleon, track lemurs in the national park, and watch the sunset at Baobab Avenue.

    8. Ethiopia

    Although Ethiopia is poor, its tourism resources are extremely rich: the Omo Valley in the south has many tribes. Gondar is a good place to experience the local culture. In addition, there are world-class attractions such as Volcano Altare, Lalibela, etc. .

    9. Kenya

    When it comes to seeing animals in Africa, most people think of Kenya and Tanzania. Indeed, there are some of Africa's best national parks. You can see Africa's top five beasts up close, as well as various exotic plants and birds.

    10. Tanzania

    Tanzania and Kenya share an East African savannah, where spectacular animal migrations can be seen. In addition to seeing animals in Tanzania, climbing Kilimanjaro is also an experience not to be missed. In addition, the white sand beaches and fluorescent green waters of Zanzibar Island will definitely make you fully enjoy the vacation.
  • The Development of Tension Membrane Structure

    In recent years, there has been a clear upward trend in the application of tension membrane structures. Although the project was not large at first, it has gradually expanded to a larger area and span.

    Many cities are now planning to build new sports facilities. Due to the advantages of the light weight of the membrane material, the fabric membrane structure is often used. Sports architecture can be said to be a breakthrough in the application of membrane structures in China.

    The fabric membrane structure can also be used to cover a variety of small buildings, such as gas stations, toll stations, service centers, gate entrances, and shading facilities. Although the area of each project is only a few hundred square meters, there are a large number of projects. Adding these projects together, the amount of membrane material is considerable.

    The unique shape of the tension membrane structure reflects the natural beauty of the building. These architectural forms themselves, together with their harmonious traditional buildings, constitute landmark landmarks. The design of the membrane structure is an organic fusion of structure and shape, which stands out and integrates with the natural environment, history and modern urban landscape. The light structure of the membrane structure can be regarded as a large-scale sculpture, which can add vitality to the surrounding space and become the focus of the surrounding environment. From years of practical experience at home and abroad, due to the continuous emergence of new materials and new forms, the tension membrane structure has a strong vitality and will definitely be the mainstream of the future development of building structures.
  • Tension Membrane Structure-in Azerbaijan

    The Republic of Azerbaijan, referred to as Azerbaijan, is located in the southeast of the Caucasus in western Asia. It faces the Caspian Sea to the east, Iran to the south, Russia to the north, and Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to the west and Georgia and Armenia to the west. Azerbaijan means 'country of fire'.

    Most people should know that the fabric membrane structure has a good thermal insulation effect, and why is it better than other building materials?

    According to research, the membrane structure has a good thermal insulation effect, reflecting 70% of the solar thermal energy, the membrane itself absorbs 17%, and the heat transfer is 13%, but the light transmittance is more than 20%. After 10 years Direct sunlight can retain 70% of its brightness. This has something to do with its own material. The membrane structure itself has light transmission, energy saving, environmental protection, and ultraviolet light; the light transmission of the material is 20% -95%, and natural diffused daylight can be obtained during the day, saving a lot of lighting energy. In addition, the  material has Reflected light and heat can save part of the energy used in air conditioning.

    In the traditional tension membrane structure, a change in outdoor temperature causes a large amount of energy and a long time to cause a change in the indoor environment, because the heat storage capacity of the roof and wall can reduce the impact of the drastic changes in outdoor temperature and radiation on the indoor temperature.

    In contrast, because the membrane is extremely thin and lightweight, it has little cushioning effect on the indoor environment. The thermal resistance of the membrane itself cannot be used to reduce the impact of external temperature and radiation changes on the room.

    Therefore, the tension membrane structure can have an incredible thermal insulation effect.
  • South Pacific Island Toursim with Tent Resort

    The destinations of the South Pacific islands are beautiful and have a unique tropical atmosphere. Many islands have become world-renowned resorts. The tourist facilities and service capabilities are also relatively complete, and they have various in-depth experience programs that have attracted many travelers. Go. Many tourists from all over the world choose these islands for their honeymoon or vacation.

    Among the islands in the South Pacific, such as Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, and Tonga, these relatively few beautiful island nations have always been famous resorts around the world. It is also a honeymoon and vacation choice for most celebrities, and it is also an ideal destination for completely emptying yourself.

    Samoa is located in the southern Pacific Ocean and west of the Samoa Islands. It consists of two main islands, namely Sawai and Upolu, and seven small islands. The capital, Apia, is now a member of the Commonwealth. The traditional way of life and the village preserved hundreds of years ago make Samoa full of charm. The famous Scottish writer Stevenson called it "Southern Paradise." Samoans have a very leisurely life, and their economic development is relatively slow. It is easy to stroll, relax and have fun.

    Papua New Guinea, referred to as Papua New Guinea, is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Here is the most complete terrestrial ecological species in the South Pacific. It is a world of flora and fauna, and a paradise for coral reefs. The underwater landscape is unique. The water temperature in PNG is maintained at 26-27 degrees all year round. It is warm and comfortable. The seawater is crystal clear and transparent, and it has primitive coral reefs. It is rich in marine life and is one of the diving destinations most wanted by divers.

    The Republic of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Islands between Hawaii and Australia and consists of more than 80 islands. It is rich in marine tourism resources, has beautiful beaches, and is also known as a "diving paradise". In addition, some traditional customs and celebrations of the island's residents are also unique tourism resources. Vanuatu has beautiful beaches, deep blue holes, lush rain forests, pouring waterfalls, and the only active volcano in the world, Issur, where you can stand on the volcano and watch the lava erupt. When night fell, red flames blasted into the starry sky, and the collision of red and black was like the fireworks released by God.

    The Cook Islands is located in the South Pacific, between French Polynesia and Fiji, and consists of 15 islands. It is the Free United Nations of New Zealand. Rarotonga is home to the country's capital, Avarua, and is also a populous island. The Cook Islands has a well-developed tourism industry. It has a fascinating ocean scenery, which gives people a sense of simplicity, relaxation, kindness, and a distance from the hustle and bustle.

    Tonga is located near the equator in the southwestern Pacific Ocean on the west side of the International Date Change Line and is one of the first countries in the world to begin a new day. Tonga consists of 172 islands of various sizes, including Tongatapu, Harpai, and Wau. It is 650 kilometers west of Fiji. Among them, Tongatapu is the largest island in the Tonga archipelago and the seat of Nuku'alofa, the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga. Tonga is a long-standing kingdom in the Pacific islands. It has many rare tropical flora and fauna, atolls and lagoons of various shapes, as well as volcanic lakes and Kao volcano, comparable to Mount Fuji in Japan.

    Fiji is a pearl-like island in the South Pacific and is hailed as one of the "Top Ten Honeymoon Resorts in the World". These volcanic islands scattered in the blue ocean and surrounded by corals constitute a world-renowned resort and tourist paradise. Fiji is also the place to receive the first rays of sunlight in the world and the country with the highest global happiness index. In Fiji, it's easy to sigh "paradise is just that". The refreshing sea breeze blew the coconut palms soaring into the clouds, and the beach was surrounded by white sand. The colorful fish stirred the sea colorfully. The island of Fiji is often a place for banquets or honeymoons for Hollywood movie stars or celebrities.

    Saipan is a world-famous diving destination. The blue sea cave is an “irresistible temptation to death” for senior divers. The sapphire blue waters and the elven marine life attract a large number of tourists to explore every day. The "glass sea" on the warship island is a paradise for snorkelers. Saipan's Bird Island is close to the equator and is a great place to watch the sunrise. Lovers love to come here before sunrise to watch the stars and then wait quietly for the sun to rise.

    Tahiti is French Polynesia, consisting of 118 islands, including the Society Islands, Gambia Islands, and Marcuses Islands. Tahiti is the largest island in the French Polynesia. It is called the closest place to paradise. The island is rich in volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls and black sandy beaches. It is a rare outdoor experience. place. In the waters around Tahiti, you can see mermaids, blue whales, dolphins and many other schools. The water house is also a "must experience" project in Tahiti. Here you can go to sleep with the sound of the waves of the sea, jump directly from the road to the clear "natural aquarium", or enjoy a unique traditional canoe breakfast in the morning. Experience a fantastic life.

    Palau is located near the equator and consists of a small barrier reef and a small island in the region. Palau was named the first wonder of the Seven Sea Bottoms and is famous for its underwater scenery. Here you can see the sea in seven colors, the world's most diverse corals, and the most colorful and abundant tropical fish. Palau also has the world's unique non-toxic jellyfish lake. Here visitors don't have to see jellyfish like they do elsewhere to avoid, dancing and taking pictures with thousands of jellyfish is the most unique experience in Palau. Palau's dry season is from November to April each year, and the climate is pleasant and most suitable for tourism.

  • Safari Tent Camping Glamping Resort & Lodging - Africa

    Africa is perhaps one of the most wild destinations in the world, but the tent hotels on the prairie have, and even surpass, everything you can imagine.

    Many tent hotels are pursuing the Edwardian era of the early 20th century, which is “out of Africa”, with elegant and nostalgic colors, and some tent hotels prefer a rough and simple explorer style. But in any case, they guarantee a comfortable living experience.

    Although in full nature, the tent hotel is not lacking in modern equipment such as electricity (using generators and solar cells), 24-hour hot water and internet, and some even open-air swimming pools. The bathtub is also a must for the tent hotel, and some tent hotels will provide guests with a canvas outdoor bathtub used by early explorers, giving a sense of the times.

    Due to the special location of the tent hotel, there is no other feeding place for the guests except the hotel, so the price usually includes three meals a day. Some hotels have simple meals and are self-service, while others offer a wide selection of exquisite menus and wine lists for guests to choose from. Among them, the picnic in the jungle is very popular with guests, and the hotel will prepare the dining table and stove at the dining place in advance. At the many tent hotels in the Anposelli National Park in Kenya, such as the Tortilis camp, guests can enjoy hot omelettes and toast under the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro. The Chiawa camp in Zambia has a fire pit specially prepared for breakfast and porridge made in the traditional way of Africa. The lunch and dinner venues and dishes are prepared by the camp, such as the boat lunch on the Zambezi River, which varies almost daily.

    Living in a tent hotel, watching animals is of course the first priority. Safari is usually carried out in the morning, afternoon and night. The main travel tool is the modified 4WD, which is sometimes dependent on ships in countries with large water systems such as Namibia or Zambia. Both the vehicle and the vessel are completely open. Passengers can take pictures on the boat, but never leave the boat alone. Unless the guest participates in a walking safari project, the escort with a live ammunition follows.

    Your safari guide will be your closest partner when you live in a tent hotel. He will be responsible for finding paths and animal trails, explaining all the flora and fauna encountered on the road, and even astronomical geography and history. Therefore, the quality of the guide determines the quality of a tent hotel to a large extent.

  • Fabric Tensile Roofing Structures-in Austria

    Austria is a landlocked country in southern Central Europe. It borders Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, and Germany and the Czech Republic to the north. It covers an area of 83,858 square kilometers, with mountains and mountains in the west and south, plains and hills in the north and north, and 47% of the area covered by forests.
    Tensile Roof Structures are typically installed on top of a building or as a shed for a large public space. The roofing material is generally a daylighting material such as PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE, etc. 

    Tensile Roof Structure is an open-air construction roofing system that uses membrane material as covering, steel structure and cable structure as supporting skeleton, and a main function of Shading and sheltering from the rain. We could see many Tensile Roof Structures in shopping malls, restaurants, villas, stadiums, scenic spots, etc. This open-air roof structure is the best choice for you. 

    Tensile Roof Structures are widely used in the world Because of high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, free and elegant shape. Application areas: 
    All kinds of commercial shopping centers, office constructions, atriums, hotel, convention and exhibition center, airport stations, high-speed rail and motor train waiting rooms, etc. 

    Tensile Roof Structures Advantages: 
    1. Endless design, flexible structure according to functional scene. 
    2. Light weight, suitable for large span roofing. 
    3. A complete turn-key solution, short construction period. 
    4. Good environmental protection, light transmission and self-cleaning. Great heat insulation effect and light transmittance. 

  • Eco Tented Reosrt in Ethiopia

    The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, referred to as "Ethiopia", is a country located in northeastern Africa. It borders Djibouti in the east, Somalia in the west, Sudan and South Sudan in the west, Kenya in the south, and Eritrea in the north.

    Ethiopia is dominated by mountain plateaus, most of which belong to the Ethiopian plateau. The central and western regions are the main body of the plateau, accounting for two-thirds of the whole territory. It is known as the “African Roof”. The Great Rift Valley runs through the whole territory with an average elevation of nearly 3,000. Rice is known as the “roof of Africa”. The northern part of Darrol fell to 113 meters below sea level, the lowest point in the country. The desert and semi-desert regions in the north, south, and northeast regions account for about 25% of the country's total area.

    Ethiopia is located in the tropics, but the temperature varies from place to place. The heavy rainy season is from June to September, the dry season from October to January, and the light rain season from February to May. Due to uneven rainfall in different seasons and regions, local drought is prone to occur. The temperature range is 9.7 ° C - 25.5 ° C. The annual average temperature is 16 °C.

    There are abundant tourism resources, many cultural relics and wildlife parks, and seven relics have been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The scenery of Ethiopia is magnificent and memorable, and the combination of nature and culture is the ultimate. The enchanting environment of canyons, rift valleys, lakes, savannas and plateaus excites travellers.

    As the Ethiopian tourism market is getting hotter, there are more and more eco-sustainable hotel resorts. The luxury and unique ecological tent resort is more and more important. It not only attracts more tourists, but also maintains harmonious coexistence with the ecological environment.

    BDiR Inc. Design, manufacture, installation, maintenance Luxury safari tent resort, glamping tents, eco-lodges and resort tents at very reasonable prices. We ship canvas tents worldwide for all purposes. No matter where tent, hotel, resort or camp will Be located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest - we will ensure it is built to last.

  • Tension Membrane Structure Landscape - Australia

    Australia has an area of 761.793 million square kilometers. It is the most economically developed country in the southern hemisphere. It is the 12th largest economy in the world, the fourth largest agricultural exporter in the world, and the country with the largest export volume of various minerals. On the country." Australia is also the country that stocks sheep and exports the most wool in the world and is known as “a country riding on a sheep's back”.

    Nowadays, a tent-like, flexible building is increasingly appearing in Australia, large parks and street attractions. Its rich shape and beautiful curves attract the public's attention. This is known as the 21st century architecture-tension membrane structure.
    The fabric membrane structure is a special modern building structure. It is a space structure with a certain rigidity combined with a high-strength flexible film material and a tensioning system. It is a collection of architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemicals and materials science. As one of the high-tech projects, it is widely used in sports and fitness facilities, cultural and recreational facilities, transportation facilities, industrial and agricultural buildings and landmark buildings.

    Tension membrane structure refers to the beautiful natural environment and recreational environment created by using engineering techniques and artistic means in a certain area, through the transformation of terrain, planting trees and flowers, creating buildings and arranging garden roads.
    However, the tension membrane structure is dotted in the garden landscape, and it is combined with nature to give people a visual beauty. It not only improves the ecology, but also realizes the unity of aesthetics and function. All kinds of landscape pieces in garden architecture play the role of beautifying the environment, setting off the atmosphere and deepening the artistic conception with its colorful content and light and beautiful shape. The small building is an indispensable part of the garden green space, and the structure landscape is in the It plays a very important role.
    Modern landscape architecture pieces have gradually become an indispensable part of the garden public space. The garden landscape pieces not only enrich the garden landscape, beautify people's lives and improve the taste of the garden and the exquisiteness of people's lives.

    BDiR Inc. has a group of engineers and technicians who are the earliest in the membrane structure construction industry and experienced construction teams with many years of experience in membrane structure engineering installation. Our aim is to strive for the praise of engineering quality and our customers.