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A Complete Turn-key Solution for Tensile Fabric Structures

BDiR Inc. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China. As the leading manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler provider of Tensile Structures. We are engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all our customers needs.  We offer design, installation, fabrication and maintenance services for all types of Tensile Structures. Our product range includes: Tensile Structure, Shade Structure, Fabric Structure, Luxury Glamping Tent, Geodesic Dome Tent, etc.

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    Excellent durability, Expansive covered area, All weather protection, Natural diffused daylighting.



    Free aesthetical design, Light weight, Easy to install, Low maintenance needs, Eco friendly & Green energy.



    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We are committed to helping customer build perfect project.



    High quality PVC,PVDF,PTFE,ETFE membrane materials. Structures are hot dipped galvanized for a long life.



    Our experts have affluent industry acquaintance and knowledge in fabric tensile structure area.


  • Design Services

    Design Services

    BDiR provide high-end customized design services around the world. We have the experienced team help our clients to build their satisfied project.

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  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    BDiR engineering services include engineering of the tension fabric structure, everything required to certify our tensile structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and seismic activities.

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  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    We provide cutting, welding, painting and inspection of steel structures. During the fabrication phase, without prestress fabric membrane is cutted and welded to create final panel sizes to be installed in the field.

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  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    The construction phase of the tension system is a key factor in the overall success of the project. BDiR provide reliable on site installation service.

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    To keep your tensile fabric roof structures in shape and for a longer life, tensile roof cleaning and maintenance of building fabric are critical.

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Tension Structure, Glamping Tent, Dome Tent Projects

" The successful construction of the BDiR Inc. hotel room adds a touch of holiday to the camp. Let the guest door enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment and experience the unique luxury accommodation. Thank you BDiR Inc. for your hard work on this project! "

  • Geodesic Dome Camp for Explorer & Ecotourist in Guatemala National Park

    Guatemala is a beautiful small country in Central America. The most attractive is the scenery of Guatemala, and the most interesting is the handicrafts of Guatemala. Guatemala is in North America. To the west of it is the Pacific Ocean. To the east of it is the Caribbean Sea. On the back it meets Mexico and on the east it meets Belize.

    The beautiful place of Guatemala is a plain, but the rainforest climate here has nourished one side of the land. In the middle of this country, there are the high highlands. On the highlands are the famous volcanoes, which can reach more than 4,000 meters. Guatemala's most famous tourist attraction is Guatemala City, where Guatemala's most inhabitants live. It is a capital city integrating tourism, dining, diplomacy and integration. Guatemala's tourism resources are very rich, such as the Atitlan Lake Scenic Area here, the ancient city of Maya, Tikal, and the ancient capital of Guatemala. Want to enjoy the beauty of beautiful Guatemala? Volcanoes are very common in Guatemala, but the most famous is Volcano Fuego, which regularly erupts every year. Whenever a volcano erupts, volcanic ash can erupt for several kilometers. It is very spectacular. The lava slides along the slope Next, gravel is also rolling, of course, there are disadvantages. Whenever this time, tens of thousands of people must be forced to leave here. The volcanic eruption lasted almost a whole day, and the scene was extremely magnificent and the scene was extremely spectacular. The National Park is a famous landscape here. It is the largest archaeological center of Tikal. It is a famous city of Mayan culture. It is a very important tourist center in Guatemala.

    The scenery here is extremely unique and very amazing. If you had not seen it with your own eyes, you would never have imagined it so spectacular. The burrow is another beautiful tourist attraction here. This scenic spot was not formed for a long time and it was formed after 2010, but the scenery is also breathtaking. This huge deep hole was left after the influence of "Agatha". After a storm, a diameter of about 30 meters and a depth of about 60 meters appeared. According to locals As described, this huge deep hole has engulfed almost a building. When you come here, the people here are almost evacuated. It is very desolate, but it is worthwhile to enjoy such a spectacular scene.

    The spherical starry tent is a new type of outdoor camping tent. It has a sturdy structure, complete facilities, and high comfort. The geodesic dome tent is widely used in camping parks, scenic areas or private courtyards! With its unique appearance and high cost performance, The geodome is currently widely used in various scenic camps. It is a low-cost option for investing in the construction of characteristic scenic camps and has a wide range of uses. In addition to being used as tent accommodation in scenic camps, it can also be used as a scenic spot. Dining, entertainment, and service areas in the camp.

  • Why is the Shade Sails Commercial so Changeable in Singapore

    Singapore is a developed country in Asia and is hailed as one of the "four little dragons in Asia." Its economic model is known as "national capitalism." According to the 2014 Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI) ranking report, Singapore is the third largest international financial center after New York and London, and one of the important service and shipping centers in Asia. Singapore is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Commonwealth (The Commonwealth), and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies.

    The membrane structure can not only be made into a closed shape like a sphere, but also open like a wing shape. Under the wonderful idea of a membrane structure designer, it becomes a variety of stunning artistic shapes. Many people may ask why the canvas structures can be so varied, and I will explain the mystery to you today.

    The high performance of the membrane is the basis for the changing shape of the membrane structure. The membrane structure has the following performance requirements for the membrane:

    1.High tensile strength;
    2.High tear resistance;
    3, the stability of the material size, that is, the requirement for elongation;
    4, resistance to bending, must have a certain degree of softness;

    5.Have high transparency and ability to radiate sunlight;;
    6, durability, including waterproof, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, self-cleaning;
    7.Fire performance;
    8. Machine ability, easy to cut and stitch.
    The above is why the outdoor shade canopy can be so variable. For more related content, please pay attention to our website.
  • Eco Tented Villas & Cottages for Gabon Sustainable Island Hospitality & Resort

    The Gabonese Republic is located on the west coast of central Africa, across the equator. Gabon is connected to the Congo to the east and south, Cameroon to the north, Equatorial Guinea to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The coastline is 800 kilometers long and covers a total area of 267,667 square kilometers. In addition, Gabon also has the world's second largest tropical rain forest after South America. Its virgin forests have important ecological diversity, and the abundant animal and plant species attract many tourists.

    Libreville is located on the northern shore of Gabon Bay in the western Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1849 and is the capital and largest city of Gabon. The city has many elegant villas & cottages, starred in tropical plants. In these low and exquisite tent villas, there are also some high-rise modern hotels with unique styles for tourists. The long golden beach is a major feature of Libreville. The turquoise blue waters are exceptionally clear. The golden yellow beach stretches into the distance. The beach has a seaside bath, lounge and restaurant for visitors to enjoy.

    Collisco Bay is located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Gabon. A 45-minute boat ride from Libreville, the Kolisko Islands are made up of 3 islands: Banie, Cocotier, and Konga. The waters of the bay of Kolisko Island are clear and blue, the beaches are white and the sky is blue. Being here is like being in a dream. Visitors can swim in the blue waters and stroll on the white sandy beaches of these paradise-like islands. During June and October, tourists can also catch nets in the Gulf of Kolisko, catching many fishes such as barracuda, marlin and other famous fishes living in this area. Kolisko Bay is an excellent place for scuba diving to watch underwater wildlife, and many tourists come here every year to watch fish. From June to October each year, tourists can also watch whales producing the next generation in the warm waters of the Gulf of Kolisko. In Gabon, this is definitely a spectacular and rare sight.

    The biggest charm of the tent camp comes from its "complete return to nature" feeling, making itself a part of the extremely vast nature and feeling the wonderful experience of reaching for the stars. This is the most charming place of the tent camp. Unlike ordinary island resorts with sunny beaches, tent resorts not only maintain the beauty of the environment, protect this pristine environment, but also allow tourists to enjoy the nature of the island.

  • Why the Dome Tents are the First Choice for Outdoor Activities

    The selection of the spherical tents should be selected according to the scope of use. At present, the application options and related fields of geodesic dome tents are relatively broad, such as some large-scale outdoor activities, commercial brand promotions, celebration festivals, car tours, spherical tent hotels, tent restaurants, hotels, and ball curtains. Projection cinema and much more.

    However, according to different uses, different dome tent area choices will be different. Custom dome generally take the diameter as a reference size, which directly affects the area of large dome tent. At present, our conventional diameters range from 6 meters to 100 meters that can be customized according to needs and footprint.

    Then talk about the choice of the inner lining of the geodesic dome tent, this depends on your needs, such as thermal insulation layer, thermal insulation layer, sound insulation layer and so on.
    1. Membrane selection: transparent membrane, white membrane, color inkjet membrane and so on.
    2. Supporting options: tent supporting is also very particular about, depending on user needs, such as air conditioning, flooring, curtains, curtains and so on.
    3. Doors and windows selection: aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors .
    4. Skeleton selection: Most of the domes use galvanized iron pipes as the main frame, as well as aluminum alloy and steel pipes.

    Finally, why do spherical tents become popular? The design of spherical tents is more stable than other products. The entire dome tent is based on the triangular mesh structure design principle, which makes the spherical tent more secure in terms of safety structure. 

    The appearance of the spherical tent is more attractive than other traditional tents. It breaks the conventional tent features not only fashionable, but also easier to attract public attention. The spherical tent is a new innovation of outdoor venues.

    RDiR Inc. is a large domestic manufacturer of spherical tents, with its own factory; allowing you to order faster and faster from order to production, efficient teams and technical backing make customers more confident in us!

  • BDiR Inc. Provides a Complete Tent Hotel Solution

    Deep forests, vast grasslands, beautiful island and dry desert are all showing stylish & beautiful glamping tents. They have geodesic dome tent cabins, tensile membrane house structures, luxury safari tent and wooden houses etc.. They have redefined and written our understanding and cognition of hotels, becoming Internet celebrities. Check in. Hotel tents have become the new favorite of the moment. One room is hard to find. Many people even spend months to book a room. Many companies want to carry out this project, so the problem comes. Many investors have no similar experience before. So, can manufacturers provide complete tent hotel solutions?

    With 10 years of professional design technology and manufacturing experience, we can provide one-stop solutions for your tent hotel/resort/camp.

    Firstly, BDiR Inc. can provide hotel tents of different sizes and shapes. Different sizes, one, two, and three bedrooms are possible, and can also be used as hotel halls and restaurants; different shapes are available, including geodome pods, fabric structure house, canves safari tent, and bell tent etc. We can customize the shape you like.

    Secondly, the tent hotel is built in various terrain complex areas. We can provide different ground treatment for your hotel tent according to the site conditions and customer needs, including concrete treatment, steel frame wooden platform treatment, etc. After the tent hotel is installed on the ground, it can withstand class 12 winds.

    Finally, hotel tent interior decoration and decoration. BDiR can be decorated in different styles according to customers' preferences, from soft to hard, from walls, furniture, appliances, bathrooms to water and electricity. We can also provide a resort or camp plan.

  • Tension and Beauty Make a Space Frame Structures

    The beauty of the fabric tensile structure buildings is often shocking, and this shock stems from reasonable structural design! The straight line is beautiful because it has a sense of strength and the curve is beautiful because it has a sense of tension; the hive is beautiful and the spider web is beautiful What they have in common is that they have a reasonable and simple structure, but also have very practical functions. The beauty of architecture is nothing more than shape, color, decoration, humanities, and ideas. As a light structural building form, the tensile membrane structure not only perfectly explains these aspects, but also achieves harmonious unity with the building. Only the trinity of architecture is structure, structure is function, and building structure function can present the extreme beauty of architectural works.

    The core of the design of the fabric construction is to control the boundary conditions of the structure and the geometry of the supporting structure, so as to find the best membrane surface shape that meets the design requirements. Compared with the traditional architectural design, the architectural design of the tensile membrane structure is a multi-disciplinary coordination process. To get the most concise design that meets the functional requirements, the structural architect must work closely with other engineers.

    The main purpose of architectural design is more focused on the embodiment of traditional spatial rational organization, and the membrane structure is an architectural form that closely combines the force structure and the shape design. The concise membrane surface produces attractive space and environmental effects through the adjustment of light brightness. The simplicity also prevents it from concealing any design flaws. Relaxation of tension or discontinuities will be fully exposed, and it will cause film surface folds And deformation. A well-designed membrane structure can effectively resist the influence of external climate such as sun, rain, wind and snow.

    Due to the high efficiency of the structural performance, the tensile fabric structures can redistribute local concentrated loads through large deformations of the membrane surface shape without significantly increasing the membrane surface stress in this area. These characteristics make the membrane structure a lightweight structure, that is, it has a variety of shapes, while it can effectively carry and maintain the appearance of simplicity, which is why the tension membrane structure is often considered to have a shocking beauty.

  • Geo-dome Cabins for Indonesia Seafront Camp

    Indonesia is known as the "Country of Thousand Islands" and has many islands. Each island has a breathtaking island style, lush tropical rain forests, cool waterfalls, warm volcanoes and hot springs, and more.

    But you must not know that in the starry sky geodesic dome tent rooms on the small island beach in Indonesia, you can see the bright starry sky when you lie in the bed, and satisfy all your fantasy of starry sky. Star tent rooms are located on the cheap and quiet island beach. Playing on the beach, listening to the sound of the ebb and flow, swinging on a swing and watching the stars, it is very comfortable!

    Starry sky, tent, lakeside, romance, these few keywords are enough to make people excited! The starry geodome tent cabins are not large, but "there are all the organs". The color of the tent is white, and the interior is divided into two parts by a white wall: the bedroom and the toilet and bathroom behind the partition. The top of the tent directly opposite the bed is a transparent skylight. Opposite the bed, there is a whole transparent wall. When you lie in bed, you can look up at the starry sky and enjoy the night by the lake.

    Have you ever wanted to leave your job for a moment, leave all your worries, and find a quiet place to let yourself go? Or take your other half to a date different from others, leave the hustle and bustle of the city, come here to stay for a night or two, enjoy the authentic island life wild fun, a BBQ in the night sky, stroll along the lake The breath of fresh air mixed with earthy atmosphere is an excellent choice for leisure travel in the suburbs.

    In the starry sky tent, admire the white moon with the person you love the most, count the stars in the sky, and wish the beautiful dreams come true.

    BDiR Inc. is dome designer and manufacturer,  provides 4m - 12m best quality complete dome tents for living home, glamping tent house, camping pods, etc. all over worldwide.

  • The Eco Construction of Membrane Structure Roof in Germany

    The Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in Central Europe. The country is composed of 16 federal states, the capital is Berlin, the territory is 357,167 square kilometers, and the population is about 81.1 million. It is the most populous country in the European Union. Germany is A highly developed capitalist country, is one of the four major European economies, its social security system is perfect, and its citizens have a very high standard of living.

    High-rise office buildings, luxury commercial buildings, and courtyard-style building communities often use patios. It is not a waste of space to set up a patio in these buildings, but to share space, rest space, transportation space and environmental landscape. And the combination of visual interest center is a favorable design technique. In recent years, with the maturity of this new type of fabric membrane technology, its application has also penetrated into various fields. In addition to common parking sheds, sports stands and landscape applications, the scope of use of membrane structures has gradually expanded. Innovative achievements have also been made in environmental protection. 

    Compared with the traditional building roof, the biggest feature of the membrane structure roof is that it has a stylish appearance, has a strong sense of art, and uses the balance of power to naturally form a beautiful shape of the membrane structure. The architect and the structural engineer work together to combine the skills of the membrane structure roof. Obtaining a high degree of uniformity, the membrane structure roof has many performance advantages:

    1. Light weight: Membrane structure roof is one or several orders of magnitude lighter than traditional glass, aluminum plate and other building roofs, and the weight of the structure per unit area will not increase significantly with the increase in scale and span. Good shock resistance, weather resistance and long service life.

    2. Good light transmission: The membrane structure roof uses special light transmission material with good light transmission, which can ensure that the space under the patio is fully illuminated. If colored lights are installed under the film, another scene can be presented at night.

    3. Good safety performance: The membrane structure materials are all flame retardant materials, and have excellent fire resistance. Membrane is a flexible surface material. Unlike glass, it is easy to break, and it does little harm to people or property. The supporting structure of the membrane structure roof is a reasonably designed steel structure, which will not cause overall collapse when encountering severe weather.

    4. Cost advantage: For the time being, the membrane structure roof may be slightly larger for the first time, but due to the low daily maintenance cost of this type of structure. Therefore, the economic advantage of the membrane structure roof is directly proportional to the scale, span and technical difficulty. In large-span buildings and high-rise buildings, the cost is only 2/3 of glass, and the service life can be up to 25 years. Easy to build, easy to disassemble, and easy to maintain.

    At present, many commercial buildings, factory building , private residential  and other places are constructed with tensile membrane structures, which are both sunshade and rain, and are unique landscaped buildings. 

  • Safari Tented Accommodation for Tunisia Ichkeul National Park Sustainable Tourism

    Located in the Mirror of Bizerte Province, the Tunisian Republic of Tunis is the only humid lake in North Africa. It is a rare place for wild migratory birds such as wild ducks, white storks, swans, and flamingos to inhabit and feed. Hundreds of thousands of birds build nests, lay eggs, hatch and breed here every year. It is a rare natural heritage area in Africa. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization included this place in the "World Culture and Natural Heritage Conservation List is also a famous tourist area in Tunisia.

    The Yiqikur Park covers an area of more than 10,000 hectares, which is named after the towering Yiqikur Mountain in the park, which is more than 500 meters high. This place can become a rare wintering paradise for migratory birds in Africa, which is mainly caused by the unique natural environment.

    Due to its low-lying terrain, the Tinha, Huminet, and Sahenane rivers, which are called "wadis" in the local dialect, pass here. Although the three rivers have small amounts of water, a lagoon is formed here. This lagoon forms a humid zone with another lake connected to the ocean, with abundant water and overgrown weeds, and has not been damaged by human activities.

    Every year, more than 100,000 "velvet birds" and thousands of red-necked ducks, bone-headed chickens, bean geese and a considerable number of pink flamingos come here to winter and become a veritable bird world. . In particular, many birds that have disappeared in the humid regions of Europe, such as ostrich chickens, purple water ducks, etc., have a large number here, and they live and breed freely.

    In addition, there are abundant dolomite resources here, making this place a geographical value that Tunisia and even many parts of Africa do not have. It is very interesting that dozens of years ago, there were dozens of dwarf buffaloes that had been domesticated by humans more than 3,000 years ago. This kind of buffalo was introduced from India by the Carthage Empire before. The place is extinct.

    This place has become an ideal scientific research base for investigating how humans protect wild animals and how humans and organisms live in harmony, and has received extensive attention from the international anthropology, biology, and zoology communities.

    In the ecological nature protection area, including special terrain such as mountains, rivers and grasslands, it is more difficult for traditional hotels to build, but for luxury tent structure bulidings, this is a natural advantage of modular building structures, and it can be quickly constructed in any terrain , And has a good combination with the local natural scenery, truly achieved the design concept of close to nature and into nature. The Eco luxuy glamping tent lodges Ideal for building hotels in Tunisia Ichkeul National Park, providing a homestay experience for tourists, explorers, research institutes.

  • The Good Life Starts From Now On--Dome Living

    When traveling, hotel accommodation is a very important part of the journey.
    Even if you are not at home, you want the same comfort experience as home.
    This is what every traveler wants.

    Geodesic Dome Tent,
    Its greatest charm lies in:
    Enjoying comfort and being in close contact with nature,
    Create an ecological low-carbon, exquisite and stylish outdoor resort,
    Bring a fresh experience to guests.

    The domes is surrounded by green grass,
    Surrounded by mountains, the air is fresh,
    The front has a semi-curved transparent design.
    To show the overall beauty.
    Created a great experience for everyone in nature,
    The lush greenery and blue sky and white clouds around the geodesic domes
    Gives a comfortable and lazy vacation experience to guests.

    In this ecologically unique environment,
    Breathe the breath of nature,
    At dusk,
    Sitting on the sofa, making a pot of tea,
    Admiring the scenery, enjoying life,
    Feeling truly return to the beauty of nature.