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Geodesic Dome Camp for Explorer & Ecotourist in Guatemala National Park

January 18,2020

Geodesic Dome Camp for Explorer & Ecotourist in Guatemala National Park

Guatemala is a beautiful small country in Central America. The most attractive is the scenery of Guatemala, and the most interesting is the handicrafts of Guatemala. Guatemala is in North America. To the west of it is the Pacific Ocean. To the east of it is the Caribbean Sea. On the back it meets Mexico and on the east it meets Belize.

The beautiful place of Guatemala is a plain, but the rainforest climate here has nourished one side of the land. In the middle of this country, there are the high highlands. On the highlands are the famous volcanoes, which can reach more than 4,000 meters. Guatemala's most famous tourist attraction is Guatemala City, where Guatemala's most inhabitants live. It is a capital city integrating tourism, dining, diplomacy and integration. Guatemala's tourism resources are very rich, such as the Atitlan Lake Scenic Area here, the ancient city of Maya, Tikal, and the ancient capital of Guatemala. Want to enjoy the beauty of beautiful Guatemala? Volcanoes are very common in Guatemala, but the most famous is Volcano Fuego, which regularly erupts every year. Whenever a volcano erupts, volcanic ash can erupt for several kilometers. It is very spectacular. The lava slides along the slope Next, gravel is also rolling, of course, there are disadvantages. Whenever this time, tens of thousands of people must be forced to leave here. The volcanic eruption lasted almost a whole day, and the scene was extremely magnificent and the scene was extremely spectacular. The National Park is a famous landscape here. It is the largest archaeological center of Tikal. It is a famous city of Mayan culture. It is a very important tourist center in Guatemala.

The scenery here is extremely unique and very amazing. If you had not seen it with your own eyes, you would never have imagined it so spectacular. The burrow is another beautiful tourist attraction here. This scenic spot was not formed for a long time and it was formed after 2010, but the scenery is also breathtaking. This huge deep hole was left after the influence of "Agatha". After a storm, a diameter of about 30 meters and a depth of about 60 meters appeared. According to locals As described, this huge deep hole has engulfed almost a building. When you come here, the people here are almost evacuated. It is very desolate, but it is worthwhile to enjoy such a spectacular scene.

The spherical starry tent is a new type of outdoor camping tent. It has a sturdy structure, complete facilities, and high comfort. The geodesic dome tent is widely used in camping parks, scenic areas or private courtyards! With its unique appearance and high cost performance, The geodome is currently widely used in various scenic camps. It is a low-cost option for investing in the construction of characteristic scenic camps and has a wide range of uses. In addition to being used as tent accommodation in scenic camps, it can also be used as a scenic spot. Dining, entertainment, and service areas in the camp.


Why the Dome Tents are the First Choice for Outdoor Activities

January 15,2020

Why the Dome Tents are the First Choice for Outdoor Activities

The selection of the spherical tents should be selected according to the scope of use. At present, the application options and related fields of geodesic dome tents are relatively broad, such as some large-scale outdoor activities, commercial brand promotions, celebration festivals, car tours, spherical tent hotels, tent restaurants, hotels, and ball curtains. Projection cinema and much more.

However, according to different uses, different dome tent area choices will be different. Custom dome generally take the diameter as a reference size, which directly affects the area of large dome tent. At present, our conventional diameters range from 6 meters to 100 meters that can be customized according to needs and footprint.

Then talk about the choice of the inner lining of the geodesic dome tent, this depends on your needs, such as thermal insulation layer, thermal insulation layer, sound insulation layer and so on.
1. Membrane selection: transparent membrane, white membrane, color inkjet membrane and so on.
2. Supporting options: tent supporting is also very particular about, depending on user needs, such as air conditioning, flooring, curtains, curtains and so on.
3. Doors and windows selection: aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors .
4. Skeleton selection: Most of the domes use galvanized iron pipes as the main frame, as well as aluminum alloy and steel pipes.

Finally, why do spherical tents become popular? The design of spherical tents is more stable than other products. The entire dome tent is based on the triangular mesh structure design principle, which makes the spherical tent more secure in terms of safety structure. 

The appearance of the spherical tent is more attractive than other traditional tents. It breaks the conventional tent features not only fashionable, but also easier to attract public attention. The spherical tent is a new innovation of outdoor venues.

RDiR Inc. is a large domestic manufacturer of spherical tents, with its own factory; allowing you to order faster and faster from order to production, efficient teams and technical backing make customers more confident in us!


Geo-dome Cabins for Indonesia Seafront Camp

January 11,2020

Geo-dome Cabins for Indonesia Seafront Camp

Indonesia is known as the "Country of Thousand Islands" and has many islands. Each island has a breathtaking island style, lush tropical rain forests, cool waterfalls, warm volcanoes and hot springs, and more.

But you must not know that in the starry sky geodesic dome tent rooms on the small island beach in Indonesia, you can see the bright starry sky when you lie in the bed, and satisfy all your fantasy of starry sky. Star tent rooms are located on the cheap and quiet island beach. Playing on the beach, listening to the sound of the ebb and flow, swinging on a swing and watching the stars, it is very comfortable!

Starry sky, tent, lakeside, romance, these few keywords are enough to make people excited! The starry geodome tent cabins are not large, but "there are all the organs". The color of the tent is white, and the interior is divided into two parts by a white wall: the bedroom and the toilet and bathroom behind the partition. The top of the tent directly opposite the bed is a transparent skylight. Opposite the bed, there is a whole transparent wall. When you lie in bed, you can look up at the starry sky and enjoy the night by the lake.

Have you ever wanted to leave your job for a moment, leave all your worries, and find a quiet place to let yourself go? Or take your other half to a date different from others, leave the hustle and bustle of the city, come here to stay for a night or two, enjoy the authentic island life wild fun, a BBQ in the night sky, stroll along the lake The breath of fresh air mixed with earthy atmosphere is an excellent choice for leisure travel in the suburbs.

In the starry sky tent, admire the white moon with the person you love the most, count the stars in the sky, and wish the beautiful dreams come true.

BDiR Inc. is dome designer and manufacturer,  provides 4m - 12m best quality complete dome tents for living home, glamping tent house, camping pods, etc. all over worldwide.


The Good Life Starts From Now On--Dome Living

January 08,2020

The Good Life Starts From Now On--Dome Living

When traveling, hotel accommodation is a very important part of the journey.
Even if you are not at home, you want the same comfort experience as home.
This is what every traveler wants.

Geodesic Dome Tent,
Its greatest charm lies in:
Enjoying comfort and being in close contact with nature,
Create an ecological low-carbon, exquisite and stylish outdoor resort,
Bring a fresh experience to guests.

The domes is surrounded by green grass,
Surrounded by mountains, the air is fresh,
The front has a semi-curved transparent design.
To show the overall beauty.
Created a great experience for everyone in nature,
The lush greenery and blue sky and white clouds around the geodesic domes
Gives a comfortable and lazy vacation experience to guests.

In this ecologically unique environment,
Breathe the breath of nature,
At dusk,
Sitting on the sofa, making a pot of tea,
Admiring the scenery, enjoying life,
Feeling truly return to the beauty of nature.


When Nature meet Lxuxry, Glamping Geodome Hotel in Cambodia

January 04,2020

When Nature meet Lxuxry, Glamping Geodome Hotel in Cambodia

The government launched a strategy to promote Cambodia's ecotourism aimed at increasing the sector's income while improving the livelihoods of rural communities and helping to protect Cambodia's natural resources. During the first National Ecotourism Forum, the ecotourism policy for 2019-2030 was released. The policy aims to increase the number of Cambodia's ecotourism communities to enhance Cambodia's tourism products. Tourism Minister Thong Khon said at the launching ceremony that Cambodia has approximately 2,300 rural communities, most of which are dedicated to agriculture, fisheries and forest protection, but only 123 provide tourism services. These communities are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Khon said the departments are working together to develop these communities into tourist attractions, create new sources of income for locals, and expand Cambodia's services to tourists.

"The development of community tourism and ecotourism is important to the overall development of the community. In particular, it empowers locals to help them improve their communities," said Mr Khon. He said the Ministry of Tourism is working to identify each community and understand its potential so that they can become providers of tourism services. Mr Khon added that these communities in turn have benefited from much-needed infrastructure construction and tour guide training programs.

Due to its unique advantages, the geodesic dome tent is very suitable as a resort hotel in ecotourism.

The spherical tent uses a steel structure frame assembled of galvanized steel pipes, which can also be sprayed on the surface to make it more beautiful. The frame structure is designed by professional building structural engineers. The diameter of the dome home is from 4 meters to 60 meters, which is assembled by triangle supports that meet the mechanical load, which is convenient and firm. The tent tent is made of PVC-coated cloth that meets international environmental protection standards. In addition to its strong toughness, it can also be fire-resistant and UV-resistant. It can be used for 8 to 10 years in the face of harsh conditions such as wind, rain, and snow in the wild. life. The inner account is the same environmentally friendly and human-friendly insulation cotton, which plays the role of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and decoration.

Geodome tents have a wide range of applications. In addition to hotel accommodation, they can also be used as specialty restaurants, music hotels, 3D projections, and even trade shows. Their easy to install and disassemble features and unique modeling styles make them suitable for use anywhere Exudes its unique charm, which in turn attracts everyone's attention.


The Wild Luxury Dome Tents for Vacation

December 25,2019

The Wild Luxury Dome Tents for Vacation

Close contact with nature is the pursuit of luxury for most people, and also the call of humanity. The luxurious and beautiful open-air dome tent hotel offers visitors who like it an opportunity to get in touch with nature. Today I will introduce you to the dome tent hotel . The wild tent hotel is a new way of vacation. Living in the hotel tent of the resort, you will feel the embrace of returning to nature, bringing you a relaxed mood, full of exotic, so experience the wild tent hotel is a kind of enjoyment, now It is already a trendy way of vacation. The concept of wild luxury was proposed some years ago, but it has only been widely known in the past two years.  Wild luxury dome tents have also become a tourist attraction in time, and have been seated in RV camps. Hotel tents are very different from wooden houses or containers in that they have a strong plasticity. Regardless of whether it is in the south or north, whether in the plateau or rain forest, or in the grasslands, deserts, islands, etc., it can create relatively adaptive products. This adaptation is not only reflected in the performance of the product, but also in the cost and shape.

As a dome tent manufacturer, we offer a true one-stop service from overall planning, product performance, design, and interior decoration of tent hotels. Some outdoor dome tent hotels look like ordinary tents, but when you walk in, they are extraordinary and gorgeous. The humanized decoration design allows you to enjoy the treatment of a five-star hotel. Of course, there are also simple and low-key decorative designs, and the decoration is slightly monotonous. It allows you to feel a return to the life of the primitive society and return to the embrace of nature. 

If you are planning to enjoy your vacation, try out the outdoor dome tent hotel, I believe you will experience an unprecedented experience. If technological and economic progress are only exchanged for the indifference and coldness of man and nature, then it will be worthless. In this society where paper fans are drunk with gold and material desires, the unpretentious natural appeal becomes more and more precious. We are committed to the uninterrupted integration of people and nature. It does not need to be as complicated and public as a classic mansion, nor does it have any deliberate and ostentatious form. Only the simple and pure architectural vocabulary is full of peace. Recount a long and long history, a meaningful legend, a life that reads the bustling life without forgetting the original heart.


Egypt Red Sea Tourist Resort with Glamping Dome

December 21,2019

Egypt Red Sea Tourist Resort with Glamping Dome

The Red Sea is located between Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by the Suez Canal in the northwest and the Gulf of Aden through the Strait of Mande in the south. The Red Sea is the intercontinental sea of the Indian Ocean and is actually the northern extension of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. The Red Sea is narrow and long, about 2250 kilometers long, 355 kilometers wide, 490 meters deep, 2211 meters deep, and an area of 438,000 square kilometers. The Red Sea was first discovered by the Egyptians. Most of the time, it is not red. The name may be derived from "the sea of the Red Land" (the ancient Egypt called the desert the Red Land).

The Red Sea was formed 40 million years ago. Because the three sides are deserts, dry and rainless, and no major rivers enter the sea, the water quality of the Red Sea is surprisingly pure and transparent. Generally near the coast, the sun can directly reach the bottom of the water. It's really intoxicating ... The colors of the Red Sea water are dark blue, azure blue, turquoise, emerald green, and dark purple. The layers change with the sky and the sea.

In the eyes of many people, Egypt's main attraction is thousands of years of ancient civilization and temple pyramids, but in the past decade, more tourists have come to Egypt's wonderful marine resources and wonders. The entire Egypt has more than 800 kilometers of Red Sea coastline, and the Red Sea is one of the largest ecosystems in the world. Not only does it have the most beautiful reef and coral reef regions in the world, but it also has extremely rich marine species resources. There are more than 1,000 kinds, which is simply a paradise for watching underwater creatures.

The coastline of Egypt is about 850 kilometers long. The Red Sea is located to the east of Egypt. There are many summer resorts along the long coastline. The main tourist areas along the Red Sea are: Sharm el-Sheikh, Helgra, Aris, Cape Mohammed, Zahab, Nuweiba, etc. These areas are glittering beaches, beautiful coral seas, rich marine life and First-class restaurants and other world-renowned, this is one of the world's most diving-friendly seas, and a paradise for water sportsmen. In addition, the characteristic port of the Red Sea is Safaga. It has high salt water and black mud beaches, which can treat rheumatism and skin diseases. It is one of the best resorts in the world for health vacations. Chief among them is Hurgada, the capital of the Red Sea and the largest summer resort on the east side of Egypt. Hurghada is a luxury resort by the sea. There are more than 250 resorts and hotels from Samsung to five-star, with beaches, swimming pools and various marine entertainment facilities. It is the most beautiful tourist resort in the Middle East.

As the leading glamping dome tent manufacturer in China, BDiR Inc. has successfully offered glamping dome tent solutions to build luxury camp & resort around the world. Whether the campsite is located along the beach, in the jungle, on highland or desert, the high quality tents from BDiR Inc. can also help to build the campsite business.


How to Plan Dome Tents to Integrate with the Environment

December 18,2019

How to Plan Dome Tents to Integrate with the Environment

The planning of the spherical tent hotel involves product design, internal layout, external settings, lighting system, exhaust system, sewage system, etc. How to plan the spherical tent to integrate with the environment?

First of all, in the display of the spherical tent, glass tents are used as the product appearance frame. The glass has both advantages such as beauty, heat insulation and noise prevention. If double-layer glass is used, the effect of heat insulation and noise prevention will be better. 

Secondly, in terms of space division, based on the principles of "dynamic and static separation" and "wet and dry separation", the inner part is set up with functional zones such as rest areas, activity areas, bathing areas, and viewing areas, which ensure the residents in the spherical tent to the maximum The comfortable function of living inside, and if there is a friend coming, there is also an independent negotiation space to ensure the privacy of the occupants.

Third, for product construction requirements, it is recommended to build on a green lawn flat ground so that the product as a whole is integrated with the environment to form a beautiful landscape in the green space.

Fourth, in order to meet the function of drainage and sewage during living, the ground is raised and the sewage system is buried in the ground. At the same time, it also plays a waterproof and moisture-proof role, prolongs the use time of the product, and can avoid the post-construction due to uneven ground. Difficulty.

Fifth, fences, outdoor umbrellas and viewing bars are added around the product, which not only has an exclusive sense of privacy, but also allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery in different seasons, forming a unique feature of each product.


Tanzania's Geodesic Dome Suites Camp

December 14,2019

Tanzania's Geodesic Dome Suites Camp

Highlands in Tanzania ’s Albanian African camp, I believe that for romantic wildlife lovers, this name will not be unfamiliar at all, because everything here will fully meet the needs of adventure-loving tourists.

Discover a new hotel in Africa. The hotel is located next to the crater and is located in the pristine natural environment. It is 3,000 meters above sea level. From the room, you can see the magnificent scenery of the entire Serengeti savannah. No worse than a five-star hotel! Not only does it allow travelers to comfortably and decently enjoy the trip in the wilderness, but also to experience the real wilderness experience, stay close to nature and experience the magnificent beauty of nature.

1. Capsule tent camp; The Highlands is located north of the Ngorongoro crater. The most unique feature is that it is a tent camp shaped like a capsule. The camp has only eight suites composed of canvas and glass domes. The exterior looks very hardcore, like a "time bomb" but the interior is actually very comfortable and soft. There is also a real indoor fireplace in the center of the tent. Traditional East African bonfire experience. The huge glass window is the original crater highlands. You can enjoy the sunset and sunset of Tanzania when you lie down.

2. Visit the crater; passengers can climb the volcano Olmoti under the arrangement of the hotel, or descend from the camp to the Ngorongoro crater.

3. Jungle walk, close to large mammals; In the afternoon, you can also take a guided walk in the world's most beautiful Ron Rogoro Nature Reserve, home to leopards, buffalo, elephants and zebras, and loves exploring the wild Little friends must not miss it .

4. Watch the animal migration; Due to the special location of the tent hotel, while sitting in the campsite to enjoy grass tea and coffee, you can also watch the animals slowly passing through the eyes and watch the animal migration close up. Millions of animal troops run across the vast prairie. The scene is spectacular and powerful. Even if you see it with your own eyes, it is amazing and shocking.

TIPS: The time for animal migration is from July to September every year.


Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel Meets Nature

November 12,2019

Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel Meets Nature

The geodome tent hotel is a new type of temporary building. The tent hotel is a hotel built with aluminum alloy structure and high-quality UV-resistant PVC tarpaulin. It is more time-saving and labor-saving than traditional hotels. The tent hotel has become close to nature. A good accommodation carrier, accommodation in many parks abroad is in the form of a tent hotel. The construction of the tent hotel is less disruptive to nature, and the tent hotel itself is a beautiful landscape. There are no reinforced concrete walls, no noise crowds, and several tents are scattered on the grasslands. In the wild, there is a vast expanse of green, open plain meadow scenery, and the mountains of the rhododendrons and clumps are taking care of each other. The tent hotel has been highly sought after in recent years and has a high degree of integration with nature, making it a new travel experience. At present, urban life is boring, car exhaust noise is seriously polluted, more and more people yearn for nature's life, and getting close to nature has become a trend.

First, the location of the tent hotel, generally choose to build a tent hotel in the beautiful camp of the scenic spot, which not only increases the characteristics of the scenic spot, but also integrates the interior view of the tent hotel with the scenery of the scenic spot.

Second, the tent hotel and the surrounding scenery, the theme of the tent will be the theme of the tent hotel, scattered in the forest. The tent hotel can be well integrated with the surrounding rest courtyard, swimming pool and leisure lounge chairs, so that visitors can look up at the stars outside and indoors, and look up and enjoy the scenery!

Third, the tent hotel indoor configuration, regardless of size, sparrow is small, complete, the classification of large and small beds, and various facilities, home and so on. According to the hotel accommodation needs, standard sanitary, bathing, air conditioning, internet, and electrical appliances are available.

Fourth, the tent hotel viewing surface, the choice of transparent tarpaulin or glass wall, which can give people a clear feeling, but also can look at the beautiful scenery outside, can be connected to the natural zero. Of course, the more distinctive is the top of the tent hotel. The remote control honeycomb curtain is transparent after opening. The night falls, and the star tent hotel allows you to lie in the bed and count the stars is no longer a dream!



Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

February 14,2020

Today, more and more membrane structures can be seen in cities. Membrane structures have been applied to various types of building structures and play an indispensable role in our cities.
Luxury Glamping Tent has become mainstream Eco Hospitality Resorts

Luxury Glamping Tent has become mainstream Eco Hospitality Resorts

February 12,2020

The glamping tent is not a strange word, it has been popular for a long time in some areas of safari tourism. For example, the European-style tent camp hotel in the private protected area of Kapama, South Africa; the tent hotel of the Al Maha Desert Resor
What is the Development Prospect of Hotel Tents in the Tourism Industry?

What is the Development Prospect of Hotel Tents in the Tourism Industry?

February 10,2020

Hotel tents are luxurious hotel furniture and unique hotel environment, forming a personalized living and service level. The luxury of its environment comes from "outdoor camping and luxury inside", that is, the appearance and environment are harmoniou


Luxury Eco Friendly Tent Structures Lodges for Tea Garden Holiday Hotel

Luxury Sustainable Hospitality Eco Tent Structure Villas