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Improving the Performance of Tensile Membrane Structure in Bulgaria

January 03,2020

Bulgaria is located in the southeast of the European Balkans. It borders Romania on the north, Turkey on the southeast and Greece on the southeast, Serbia on the northwest and Macedonia (on the east, the Black Sea in the east. The area is 11,1001.9 square kilometers and the coastline is 378 kilometers long.

Regarding how to improve the structural performance of a fabric membrane, the general operation is to add a coating on the surface of the membrane structure, so that its overall comprehensive performance can be improved. As for which properties to improve and what coating materials to use, it still needs to be determined according to actual needs. Of course, the membrane materials provided by the  membrane manufacturers are already processed and have been coated, so we do not need to handle it ourselves.

Tensile membrane structure is a self-stressing, self-supporting mesh rod structure composed of a group of successive tie rods and successive or non-connected compression rods. Do not touch each other, that is, only one pressure rod is connected to one node. Tensile membrane structure membrane material can do all kinds of different appearance treatments to enhance its characteristics. Different appearance treatments have different effects.

Tensile membrane structure material is composed of two parts: fabric structure and coating material. The performance characteristics are as follows:

1. Fabric base material-strong tensile strength, strong tear resistance, heat resistance, durability, fire resistance.

2. Coating materials-weather resistance, stain resistance, processability, water resistance, product resistance, light transmission.

The membrane material is generally made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating or titanium dioxide coating, which has good heat insulation effect, can reflect 70% of solar thermal energy, the membrane itself absorbs 17%, and heat transfer 13% , While the light transmittance is above 20%, after 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still be saved 70%. If its anti-aging and self-cleaning ability is further enhanced, the life span can reach about 15 years.

There are many ways to deal with the appearance of the PVDF tensile membrane material. For example, a very thin metal membrane can be laminated on the PVC or aluminum mist can be sprayed, and mica or quartz can be used to avoid surface pollution.

The glass fiber silicone resin membrane has more excellent properties. Silicone resin has excellent characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, and oxidation resistance. The film has high tensile strength and elastic modulus, and also has good light transmission.

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