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Safari Tented Accommodation for Tunisia Ichkeul National Park Sustainable Tourism

January 09,2020

Located in the Mirror of Bizerte Province, the Tunisian Republic of Tunis is the only humid lake in North Africa. It is a rare place for wild migratory birds such as wild ducks, white storks, swans, and flamingos to inhabit and feed. Hundreds of thousands of birds build nests, lay eggs, hatch and breed here every year. It is a rare natural heritage area in Africa. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization included this place in the "World Culture and Natural Heritage Conservation List is also a famous tourist area in Tunisia.

The Yiqikur Park covers an area of more than 10,000 hectares, which is named after the towering Yiqikur Mountain in the park, which is more than 500 meters high. This place can become a rare wintering paradise for migratory birds in Africa, which is mainly caused by the unique natural environment.

Due to its low-lying terrain, the Tinha, Huminet, and Sahenane rivers, which are called "wadis" in the local dialect, pass here. Although the three rivers have small amounts of water, a lagoon is formed here. This lagoon forms a humid zone with another lake connected to the ocean, with abundant water and overgrown weeds, and has not been damaged by human activities.

Every year, more than 100,000 "velvet birds" and thousands of red-necked ducks, bone-headed chickens, bean geese and a considerable number of pink flamingos come here to winter and become a veritable bird world. . In particular, many birds that have disappeared in the humid regions of Europe, such as ostrich chickens, purple water ducks, etc., have a large number here, and they live and breed freely.

In addition, there are abundant dolomite resources here, making this place a geographical value that Tunisia and even many parts of Africa do not have. It is very interesting that dozens of years ago, there were dozens of dwarf buffaloes that had been domesticated by humans more than 3,000 years ago. This kind of buffalo was introduced from India by the Carthage Empire before. The place is extinct.

This place has become an ideal scientific research base for investigating how humans protect wild animals and how humans and organisms live in harmony, and has received extensive attention from the international anthropology, biology, and zoology communities.

In the ecological nature protection area, including special terrain such as mountains, rivers and grasslands, it is more difficult for traditional hotels to build, but for luxury tent structure bulidings, this is a natural advantage of modular building structures, and it can be quickly constructed in any terrain , And has a good combination with the local natural scenery, truly achieved the design concept of close to nature and into nature. The Eco luxuy glamping tent lodges Ideal for building hotels in Tunisia Ichkeul National Park, providing a homestay experience for tourists, explorers, research institutes.

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