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The Development of Tension Membrane Structure

December 02,2019

In recent years, there has been a clear upward trend in the application of tension membrane structures. Although the project was not large at first, it has gradually expanded to a larger area and span.

Many cities are now planning to build new sports facilities. Due to the advantages of the light weight of the membrane material, the fabric membrane structure is often used. Sports architecture can be said to be a breakthrough in the application of membrane structures in China.

The fabric membrane structure can also be used to cover a variety of small buildings, such as gas stations, toll stations, service centers, gate entrances, and shading facilities. Although the area of each project is only a few hundred square meters, there are a large number of projects. Adding these projects together, the amount of membrane material is considerable.

The unique shape of the tension membrane structure reflects the natural beauty of the building. These architectural forms themselves, together with their harmonious traditional buildings, constitute landmark landmarks. The design of the membrane structure is an organic fusion of structure and shape, which stands out and integrates with the natural environment, history and modern urban landscape. The light structure of the membrane structure can be regarded as a large-scale sculpture, which can add vitality to the surrounding space and become the focus of the surrounding environment. From years of practical experience at home and abroad, due to the continuous emergence of new materials and new forms, the tension membrane structure has a strong vitality and will definitely be the mainstream of the future development of building structures.

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