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Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

February 14,2020

Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

It can be divided into:
1.Frame Supported Structure
The structural form of the roof frame made of steel structure or integrated material, and the membrane material is stretched above it, the lower support structure has high stability. Because the roof shape is relatively simple, the openings are not easy to be restricted, and it has high economic benefits. It is widely applicable. For any large and small space.

2.Tension Suspension Structure
It is composed of membrane material, steel cable and pillar, and the tension is introduced into the membrane material by steel cable and pillar to achieve a stable form. In addition to being able to practice creative, innovative and beautiful shapes, it is also the structural form that can best show the spirit of the membrane structure. Large-span spaces also mostly adopt the form of a steel cable net composed of steel cables and compressed materials to support the upper membrane material. Due to high construction accuracy requirements, strong structural performance, and rich expressive power, the construction cost is slightly higher than that of the skeleton membrane structure.

3. Inflatable membrane structure
The inflatable membrane structure is to fix the membrane material around the roof structure. After the indoor air pressure is raised to a certain pressure by the air supply system, a pressure difference is generated inside and outside the roof to resist external forces. It is supported by air pressure and steel cables are used as auxiliary materials. Without any beam or column support, it can get more space, fast construction, and high economic benefits, but it needs to maintain 24 hours blower operation, which is higher in the cost of continuous operation and machine maintenance costs.

Today, more and more membrane structures can be seen in cities. Membrane structures have been applied to various types of building structures and play an indispensable role in our cities.


Why is the Shade Sails Commercial so Changeable in Singapore

January 17,2020

Why is the Shade Sails Commercial so Changeable in Singapore

Singapore is a developed country in Asia and is hailed as one of the "four little dragons in Asia." Its economic model is known as "national capitalism." According to the 2014 Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI) ranking report, Singapore is the third largest international financial center after New York and London, and one of the important service and shipping centers in Asia. Singapore is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Commonwealth (The Commonwealth), and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies.

The membrane structure can not only be made into a closed shape like a sphere, but also open like a wing shape. Under the wonderful idea of a membrane structure designer, it becomes a variety of stunning artistic shapes. Many people may ask why the canvas structures can be so varied, and I will explain the mystery to you today.

The high performance of the membrane is the basis for the changing shape of the membrane structure. The membrane structure has the following performance requirements for the membrane:

1.High tensile strength;
2.High tear resistance;
3, the stability of the material size, that is, the requirement for elongation;
4, resistance to bending, must have a certain degree of softness;

5.Have high transparency and ability to radiate sunlight;;
6, durability, including waterproof, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, self-cleaning;
7.Fire performance;
8. Machine ability, easy to cut and stitch.
The above is why the outdoor shade canopy can be so variable. For more related content, please pay attention to our website.


Tension and Beauty Make a Space Frame Structures

January 13,2020

Tension and Beauty Make a Space Frame Structures

The beauty of the fabric tensile structure buildings is often shocking, and this shock stems from reasonable structural design! The straight line is beautiful because it has a sense of strength and the curve is beautiful because it has a sense of tension; the hive is beautiful and the spider web is beautiful What they have in common is that they have a reasonable and simple structure, but also have very practical functions. The beauty of architecture is nothing more than shape, color, decoration, humanities, and ideas. As a light structural building form, the tensile membrane structure not only perfectly explains these aspects, but also achieves harmonious unity with the building. Only the trinity of architecture is structure, structure is function, and building structure function can present the extreme beauty of architectural works.

The core of the design of the fabric construction is to control the boundary conditions of the structure and the geometry of the supporting structure, so as to find the best membrane surface shape that meets the design requirements. Compared with the traditional architectural design, the architectural design of the tensile membrane structure is a multi-disciplinary coordination process. To get the most concise design that meets the functional requirements, the structural architect must work closely with other engineers.

The main purpose of architectural design is more focused on the embodiment of traditional spatial rational organization, and the membrane structure is an architectural form that closely combines the force structure and the shape design. The concise membrane surface produces attractive space and environmental effects through the adjustment of light brightness. The simplicity also prevents it from concealing any design flaws. Relaxation of tension or discontinuities will be fully exposed, and it will cause film surface folds And deformation. A well-designed membrane structure can effectively resist the influence of external climate such as sun, rain, wind and snow.

Due to the high efficiency of the structural performance, the tensile fabric structures can redistribute local concentrated loads through large deformations of the membrane surface shape without significantly increasing the membrane surface stress in this area. These characteristics make the membrane structure a lightweight structure, that is, it has a variety of shapes, while it can effectively carry and maintain the appearance of simplicity, which is why the tension membrane structure is often considered to have a shocking beauty.


The Eco Construction of Membrane Structure Roof in Germany

January 10,2020

The Eco Construction of Membrane Structure Roof in Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in Central Europe. The country is composed of 16 federal states, the capital is Berlin, the territory is 357,167 square kilometers, and the population is about 81.1 million. It is the most populous country in the European Union. Germany is A highly developed capitalist country, is one of the four major European economies, its social security system is perfect, and its citizens have a very high standard of living.

High-rise office buildings, luxury commercial buildings, and courtyard-style building communities often use patios. It is not a waste of space to set up a patio in these buildings, but to share space, rest space, transportation space and environmental landscape. And the combination of visual interest center is a favorable design technique. In recent years, with the maturity of this new type of fabric membrane technology, its application has also penetrated into various fields. In addition to common parking sheds, sports stands and landscape applications, the scope of use of membrane structures has gradually expanded. Innovative achievements have also been made in environmental protection. 

Compared with the traditional building roof, the biggest feature of the membrane structure roof is that it has a stylish appearance, has a strong sense of art, and uses the balance of power to naturally form a beautiful shape of the membrane structure. The architect and the structural engineer work together to combine the skills of the membrane structure roof. Obtaining a high degree of uniformity, the membrane structure roof has many performance advantages:

1. Light weight: Membrane structure roof is one or several orders of magnitude lighter than traditional glass, aluminum plate and other building roofs, and the weight of the structure per unit area will not increase significantly with the increase in scale and span. Good shock resistance, weather resistance and long service life.

2. Good light transmission: The membrane structure roof uses special light transmission material with good light transmission, which can ensure that the space under the patio is fully illuminated. If colored lights are installed under the film, another scene can be presented at night.

3. Good safety performance: The membrane structure materials are all flame retardant materials, and have excellent fire resistance. Membrane is a flexible surface material. Unlike glass, it is easy to break, and it does little harm to people or property. The supporting structure of the membrane structure roof is a reasonably designed steel structure, which will not cause overall collapse when encountering severe weather.

4. Cost advantage: For the time being, the membrane structure roof may be slightly larger for the first time, but due to the low daily maintenance cost of this type of structure. Therefore, the economic advantage of the membrane structure roof is directly proportional to the scale, span and technical difficulty. In large-span buildings and high-rise buildings, the cost is only 2/3 of glass, and the service life can be up to 25 years. Easy to build, easy to disassemble, and easy to maintain.

At present, many commercial buildings, factory building , private residential  and other places are constructed with tensile membrane structures, which are both sunshade and rain, and are unique landscaped buildings. 


The Cutting of the Fabric Membrane Structure

January 06,2020

The Cutting of the Fabric Membrane Structure

There is an error in the process of cutting and splicing the membrane structure. This is because there must be an error when the plane surface is used to form a spatial curved surface. Secondly, the membrane cloth is an anisotropic nonlinear material. When the shape of the space with various curvatures changes, it will inevitably differ from the original design shape. To date, a number of approaches have been established to address this issue. It is difficult to evaluate which method has a high accuracy, but there are still several criteria that can be used to judge whether these cropping methods are practical.

Membrane structure company, the following factors should be considered when arranging the cutting seam of the membrane structure surface:

 1.Surface curvature
The previous cutting methods could not give the curvature at any point on the surface. Because this software uses a curved membrane element, the curvature of each element can be obtained. If the curvature of adjacent elements is very different, it means that the surface is very distorted at this position. If the cutting seam is restarted without cutting off, the boundary of the cutting membrane block will have a large arc here. From the change trend of the curvature of adjacent units, the approximate trend of the geodesic can be determined.
2.The width of membrane material
 When the plane mesh is divided during the form-finding analysis, the width of the membeane material must be considered. Try to make the membrane unit contained in a membrane cloth as complete as possible, otherwise the position of the boundary point of the membrane block must be determined by interpolation calculation.
 3, The direction of the border
 If the boundary is relatively straight, consider using the long side of a membrane block as the boundary. Otherwise, only the short sides of multiple membrane blocks can be used to stitch this boundary.
Because the membrane is transparent, the weld can be clearly seen in the actual structure, so the layout of the cutting seam must be regular and reasonable, and it is best to form some beautiful patterns to increase the beauty of the structure. If a pressure or spinal cord is provided on the surface of the membrane, it is best to make the cutting seam coincide with the pressure or spinal cord so that the cord does not disturb the pattern of the weld.


Improving the Performance of Tensile Membrane Structure in Bulgaria

January 03,2020

Improving the Performance of Tensile Membrane Structure in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located in the southeast of the European Balkans. It borders Romania on the north, Turkey on the southeast and Greece on the southeast, Serbia on the northwest and Macedonia (on the east, the Black Sea in the east. The area is 11,1001.9 square kilometers and the coastline is 378 kilometers long.

Regarding how to improve the structural performance of a fabric membrane, the general operation is to add a coating on the surface of the membrane structure, so that its overall comprehensive performance can be improved. As for which properties to improve and what coating materials to use, it still needs to be determined according to actual needs. Of course, the membrane materials provided by the  membrane manufacturers are already processed and have been coated, so we do not need to handle it ourselves.

Tensile membrane structure is a self-stressing, self-supporting mesh rod structure composed of a group of successive tie rods and successive or non-connected compression rods. Do not touch each other, that is, only one pressure rod is connected to one node. Tensile membrane structure membrane material can do all kinds of different appearance treatments to enhance its characteristics. Different appearance treatments have different effects.

Tensile membrane structure material is composed of two parts: fabric structure and coating material. The performance characteristics are as follows:

1. Fabric base material-strong tensile strength, strong tear resistance, heat resistance, durability, fire resistance.

2. Coating materials-weather resistance, stain resistance, processability, water resistance, product resistance, light transmission.

The membrane material is generally made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating or titanium dioxide coating, which has good heat insulation effect, can reflect 70% of solar thermal energy, the membrane itself absorbs 17%, and heat transfer 13% , While the light transmittance is above 20%, after 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still be saved 70%. If its anti-aging and self-cleaning ability is further enhanced, the life span can reach about 15 years.

There are many ways to deal with the appearance of the PVDF tensile membrane material. For example, a very thin metal membrane can be laminated on the PVC or aluminum mist can be sprayed, and mica or quartz can be used to avoid surface pollution.

The glass fiber silicone resin membrane has more excellent properties. Silicone resin has excellent characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, and oxidation resistance. The film has high tensile strength and elastic modulus, and also has good light transmission.


Tension Membrane Structure of Stage Cover

December 30,2019

Tension Membrane Structure of Stage Cover

The tension membrane structure is very advantageous when building a stage. What are the advantages of the stage membrane structure? The following is a detailed introduction :

1. Sense of sculpture
The common curved shape of the stage tensile membrane structure makes it have a fierce sculptural feeling, and the membrane surface relies on the pre-tension form to achieve stability. The membrane's undulations have a sense of balance that makes the larger structure look lighter than the shackles of gravity.

2. Expressive architectural shapes
(1). Constructions with specific functions can be expressed through intention. The common shape of the stage membrane structure expresses the natural beauty of the building itself.

(2). The shape of these buildings together with the traditional buildings harmonized with them constitute an interesting landmark on the ground.

(3). Excellent membrane structure planning is an organic blend of structure and appearance, making it stand out from the outside, and organically integrate with the natural environment, prehistory and modern urban scene.

3. scalability and adaptability
(1). The stage membrane structure can be regarded as an artificial self-adaptive system. Like many natural organisms, it can change its form according to demand.

(2). Space placement and response to climate change are flexible and adaptive.

(3). Controlled natural light and internal temperature charging can reach the intention of active energy saving. The expandable structure can be opened or closed, and its flexibility allows it to change the characteristics of the space.

(4). The elegant sliding of the well-planned expandable roof expresses the harmony between human and nature.

(5). The combination of lightness and extensibility forms the concept of "no construction house". This structure can be completed at any time or address.

4.  light transmission
Light transmission is one of the most widely recognized characteristics of modern stage. The light transmittance of the membrane can provide the required illuminance for the building, which is very important for building energy saving. It is especially important for commercial buildings that require more light and high brightness. Through the comprehensive use of natural and artificial lighting, the transparency of the membrane can provide a greater aesthetic creative space for architectural design. At night, the translucency transforms the stage film structure into a light sculpture, adding color to the artistic performance.

5.  Mobility and temporary
Another outstanding advantage compared to other structures is that the lightweight structure has an adjustable environmental impact. In addition, the stage membrane structure also has two important characteristics, namely mobility and flexibility. The structure can be repeatedly demolished at different locations, and this is the movable stage film structure. It combines nomadic and settlement architecture.

The above are the advantages of the membrane structure in stage building , and also the reason why many stage construction choose the membrane structure material.


Tension Membrane Structure in Transportation Facilities in Canada

December 27,2019

Tension Membrane Structure in Transportation Facilities in Canada

Canada, the northernmost country in North America, reaches the Pacific Ocean in the west, reaches the Atlantic Ocean in the east, reaches the Arctic Ocean in the north, and meets the Greenland Island of Denmark in the northeast and the French Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands in the east. It borders on the mainland, and borders Alaska in the northwest. The territory covers an area of 9.98 million square kilometers, ranking second in the world. Canada is known as the "land of maple leaves" and its capital is Ottawa. Thanks to rich natural resources and highly developed technology, it has become one of the countries with the highest quality of life, the richest society and the most economically developed country in the world. It is one of the largest and most important diamond producing countries in the world.

Now the application of fabric membrane structures in transportation facilities has become very common. What often catches our eyes is: membrane structure gas stations and membrane structure toll stations. So what convenience does transportation facilities bring to our lives?

Membrane structure gas stations and membrane structure toll stations can see great surprises in the shape. These tension membrane structure transportation facilities have a variety of shapes, breaking the challenge of traditional architectural limitations. Membrane structure designers have created by their own imagination Unique and beautiful shape.

The shelf life of tension membrane structure buildings is relatively long, and this depends on the life of the membrane material. Membrane is an emerging construction material. The most commonly used membrane materials in membrane structure buildings are PVDF and PTFE membrane materials: PVDF warranty is 10-15 years, and PTFE membrane material warranty is more than 25 years. It is a permanent membrane material. At present Both domestic and imported membranes are used. Generally speaking, domestically produced membranes are used in small and medium-sized projects. Compared with imported membranes, domestic membranes are different in that the surface is less clean and the elongation of the membrane itself is higher. .

Many membrane structure gas stations and membrane structure toll stations are now constructed with membrane structures, which have the advantages of short construction period, long life, beautiful appearance, strong self-cleaning, and fire prevention. BDiR Inc. has been established for 10 years. It not only has rich experience and strong professionalism, but also has an in-depth understanding of the membrane structure industry, which can meet customers' dual needs for product novelty and practicality.


The Color of the Tension Membrane Structure Carport

December 23,2019

The Color of the Tension Membrane Structure Carport

No one is unfamiliar with the parking shed, so do you know how to choose the color of the parking shade? Let me introduce you in detail below:

1, Blue
The blue tension membrane structure carport is often made of steel, and the material is usually made of architectural membrane or PVC sheet. Among them, eye-catching and dirt-resistance are the more prominent characteristics of blue car parking awnings, which are easy to identify. It is precisely because of this, the blue parking awnings do not need to stop cleaning too frequently. Therefore, it is suggested that the owners may use the roof information of blue architectural membrane when choosing a car parking awning made of steel.

2, Black and Gray
Black and gray tension membrane structure carport are mostly used in some industrial and mining areas, and parking awnings of this color generally have good shading. In addition, in the central part of the country where the sunlight is more intense, the car parking awning of this color is often used, which can block light and is also very resistant to dirt.

3, White and Green
Ordinary white tension membrane structure carport are used as artistic parking awnings and are frequently used in the squares or at the entrances of large supermarkets. In addition, the white car parking awnings are mostly made of PVD film, which has a beautiful appearance and fits the temperament of big cities. If you need to choose this white car parking awning, you must pay attention to the automatic cleaning and installation of the device, so that it can save the trouble of cleaning. Green parking awnings are mostly used by bus stations and some environmental protection units. Because green represents environmental protection, it is in line with the concept of environmental protection. At the same time, people often feel warm and relaxed when looking at the green parking awning.


Using the Tension Membrane Structure Carport in Winter

December 18,2019

Using the Tension Membrane Structure Carport in Winter

The weather is cold in winter, so there are a lot of things that everyone needs to pay attention to when using the tension membrane structure carport, What should be paid attention to when using the tension membrane structure carport in winter? Let me introduce you in detail!

It is snowing when winter is coming. It is also a test for the fabric membrane structure carport. Because the current popular carports are beautifully designed, but whether the load on the carports after rain or snow is considered in the design? Because many simple carports do not take these factors into account. May cause safety hazards.

Please pay attention to the carport when you use it or park or park in public places to see if the membrane structure of the carport has any deformation, rust or other potential safety risks. If there is a relatively heavy rain or snow forecast, the owner should try not to use these sites. Because the year and the design may be damaged and collapsed during such heavy snow.

Unsafe parking may cause damage to the vehicle, and personnel may also be in danger. The projectile and rust dust falling on the steel structure of the membrane structure parking shed are blown by the blowing device, and the dropped pellet and dust mixture is conveyed by the recovery screw to the chamber funnel, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyor is collected at the lower part of the elevator, and then lifted to In the separator in the upper part of the machine, the separated pure projectiles fall into the separator hopper for the shot blasting cycle.



Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

February 14,2020

Today, more and more membrane structures can be seen in cities. Membrane structures have been applied to various types of building structures and play an indispensable role in our cities.
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